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Uniting humanity to combat the climate emergency.
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Turning Climate Emergency talk into positive regenerative action now.

People want to know what they themselves can do to create a better world for now and future generations. Forests of Humanity will do just that, bringing together the arts, science and digital innovation to create new pieces of Forest Art to connect communities in multiple ways, creating a movement.

Planting trees

Trees naturally capture carbon. Scientists estimate that 1.5 million hectares of additional woodland is needed to help reach Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2050. The good news is that there’s plenty of space for more trees in the UK. By designing forests that thrive in a +2°C climate, we can create exceptionally biodiverse, future environments for communities to enjoy.

Connecting minds

We can’t reach Carbon Net Zero by planting trees alone. The forests will act as hopeful catalysts to inspire people and communities to collaborate and develop new innovative solutions. Complementary to the physical forest is a digital dimension to connect communities and ideas, developing a positive tipping point of actions.

What's the road map?

Phase 1

Oct 2021 - Feb 2022

Creating the Third Eye forest at 300m scale in Dalby Forest, Yorkshire. This art installation will mark the launch of the Forests of Humanity.

Phase 2

From Feb 2022

Full scale (600 ha) site. A refined digital experience will be created, based on feedback gathered during Phase 1.

Phase 3

From Jun 2022

Communities will come together in innovations hubs, creating and continuing the movement.

How to get involved?

Register your interest
Get notified when visits are available
Plant a tree and share a message
Track the carbon capture of your tree
Spread the word and join a movement


We invite schools and children to get involved by planting in geocached areas in the design. The educational participation will have a lasting engagement as the children can track the amount of carbon captured and how that relates to carbon produced in common activities. Each child will feel the impact of their actions over a lifetime and what we can achieve when we act together.


We want you to help drive our journey towards Net Zero. You will be invited to club together to create new intersections, think bigger and collaborate better. The inaugural meeting of this group will happen in the forest and be based on leadership learning from Shakespeare’s decoding of the human condition and change in The Tempest. This group will be invited to ‘become good ancestors’ through an immersive, transformational experience.

The Forest of Humanity is a colossal and unique project with nothing on this earth like it. It connects with our hearts so that we can respond practically with our minds to Climate Change. The very trees that will make it are part of the solution.

Jamie Wardley

Artistic Director of Sand In Your Eye

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